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Learning about testing, still. But also stepping back for a deep dive into my tools

May 23, 2020

I've come to a point where my site is operating at a very base level. Images aside, it's lean, utilizing only what's absolutely necessary, with zero fluff. What I want to do now is go back through and learn Node and Express deeply: to really understand which modules are capable of doing what in Node; to very clearly understand routing in Express. As it is now, I have a very tenuous grasp on this information. Moving forward, I want to arrive at a point where if I'm interested in creating some feature or changing some bit of operability, I can avoid having to Google absolutely everything and just do the thing I have in mind to do.

Obviously, I'll need to go back to the beginning with any new tools I adopt, but as it stands now, that will be minimal; my whole approach has been to learn to build what I want to build without having to rely on extraneous tools. And with few exception -- Express and Jest and Jessica, the ES6 rendering engine I'm using -- I've managed to stick with that.

Up to this point, I've done very well in progressing quickly in building out what I've done, for having had zero knowledge in coding JavaScript when I started. Though progress on my site will dramatically slow while I take this deep dive, I'm totally okay with that. I did, after all, give myself a year to learn and build this site, and it's only day 32 ;)