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Learning about testing, still. But also stepping back for a deep dive into my tools

May 25, 2020

Today was pretty straightforward. I read through Flavio Copes' Express Handbook, which honestly, with the exception of a few hang ups, is a great quick and dirty overview of Express.js. However, it was too much of an overview. Aside from learning that I would need a session store for post-authentication, this book didn't really provide me with anything more than what I've learned about Express. I want to learn about the nitty gritty of routing. I'm using the Router, what is the path a request takes, and thus a response, through the app itself? In terms of routing, I found Copes' general use of the word send kind of annoying. No, Express does not send us, the developer, anything; there is request object and a response object that we have access to. It is little shit like this that makes a big difference in the understanding of a system like Express.

At least for me.

Anyway, that was a quick read. A while ago, I picked up what claims to be a comprehensive guide on Express, so I started working my way through that. So far, it's been relatively disappointing in much the same way. Routing just isn't discussed in a very clear manner, and it's kind of upsetting. This suggests that at some point, when I arrive at the level of understanding I would like to achieve, I'll have to write my own book. The Book on Express I Wish I Had.