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Figuring out how to set up a development environment on my server

May 27, 2020

While working through some of the details of Express settings in this guide I'm reading, I realized that I could have a far more useful development environment set up, if I knew how to do so remotely. Working entirely on mobile means I don't have the kind of local development environment that most people seem to use to code. Which is fine. This is, after all, my choice. I use what I have, and every day is a new journey in learning to use what I have well. That being said, today was spent learning how to work with my master and development branches on different domains, to be able to run tests and see how things will work before merging to the master branch. As there was little to no information available, and wishing I had someone to discuss this with, I asked about it on stackoverflow and was almost immediately given a response! Super helpful too. The repo I work from is cloned to the folder of the subdomain, and operates much like a regular repository. However, because the cloned repository is on the same server as the original, git attempts to save as much space as possible by referencing what files it can, instead of copying everything over. That aside, push and pull work as normal, and it's fast. Now, my site can stay up while I test potentially breaking changes elsewhere. I'm super excited by this! Now, on to authentication ...