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Rewriting Code to Create a More Streamlined Authentication Library

May 29, 2020

I picked up my work and sat directionless for a few moments, not sure how I wanted to proceed with my web app. I decided to fork the Passport repository and deconstruct it to figure out what it was doing under the hood. I then started refactoring the code to suit a more simple application. I noticed a series of TODO notes as I did so. What I'll work on is integrating the OAuth2 strategy and set the whole thing up specifically for Discord, then work my way backwards and see if I can address some of the TODOs and contribute to the project overall. Before that, though, I want to start sharpening my chops on testing code. I have the Jessica template engine I'm working on, in which I still need to resolve the integration of partials, and now this library that I'm streamlining to use for one thing and one thing only. I think between these two pet projects and my main, I'll have some good practice learning to use Jest.

Also, little by little, I'm learning to leverage the tools that Ubuntu provides for development on my droplet. It's a slow journey, but I'm picking things up gradually that I hope will bloom into some very deep and useful practical knowledge in the near future.