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Reviewing and Rewriting Code to Modernize a Library

May 31, 2020

Today was a bit of a struggle to get the ball rolling on my coding work. Having completed a gnarly 20 mile run/hike yesterday, I was rather lethargic throughout most of today as I recovered. It wasn't until well into the evening that I finally began to gain some momentum in coding, though it was much.

Despite my lethargy, I managed to pick up Hugo Francesco's The Jest Handbook and begin reading a little bit about Jest. I then spent the rest of my time continuing to work through my forked version of Passport.

While working through the code, I realized I can remove a number of modules by simply refactoring the code to use ES6 classes. This affords me a number of options, namely the removal of a number of dependencies as I work to streamline this library, as well as the opportunity to practice with classes. I have done very little in the way of playing with classes, and if I really want to one day learns the ins and outs of React, I'll need as clear of an understanding of ES6 classes as possible. This makes me happy; in spite of my lethargy, I stumbled across something that will prove to be beneficial as follow through with the work.

Today turned into a coding win after all.