April 12, 2020

I spent today first deciding how I really wanted to approach learning front end development, as well as how I was going to manage my writing on the process, and I decided that I would do both simultaneously. Each new day, I will write a blog post in a new html file. And I will style that file using whatever skills I’ve learned up to that point, until I develop a complete CMS. At that point, I’ll pull all of my writings into that system and reorganize them accordingly.

Today’s struggle was learning how to serve up html files via a node app I developed for that purpose. I created a server and have it set to serve up an index file, but I got stuck figuring out how to serve up other files. This led me to research and learn more about node and its file handling capabilities. Because I couldn’t just find a quick answer to my inquiry, I turned to YouTube and buckled down to watch an hour long intro to node:

While this video didn’t directly provide me with what I wanted, it clarified much in terms of modules and classes. Mosh, the instructor, made everything so absolutely easy to understand. Classes, until now, were a completely mystery to me. Now, they’re clear, and I also have a good understanding of the extends keyword and what that means as far as classes and constructors are concerned. I’m super excited to continue my work tomorrow.

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Day 001 of my journey to developing a CMS. You won’t be able to click this link now to read my update, but hopefully, by tomorrow, or at least very soon, you will: https://t.co/OrzAiQadwF#nonsensemod365 #thatCodingLife pic.twitter.com/JlvvWSqj5P

— Joshua Alexander (@nonsensecodes) April 13, 2020