April 18, 2020

There really isn’t a whole lot to go over today, except maybe two or three major points. In an effort to understand how to implement Express.js with what I have in mind for my site, I returned to freeCodeCamp and revisited the API and Microservices certification to go over the Basic Node and Express module, since I barely managed to get through it the first time and hardly remember anything I learned.

This time, however, was a breeze, and in recursing through the exercises, I recognized that I already knew how to do much of the work, and how I could implement what I knew in setting up my server to send and receive authorization tokens from the Discord API. And over and above that, in getting into the Advanced Node and Express module, I learned how to implement Mongodb into the process.

I’m still working on figuring out how authenticate users and create accounts and such, but much of this was a huge boon in helping me move forward with what I have in mind. I’m looking forward to getting back to it tomorrow. I don’t think it impossible to have this authentication system set up and present a boring-ass “logged in” page before the weekend is out. I still have well over 24 hours to make it happen, and it’s very plausible within that time frame.

Cheers to a productive day of code.

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Day 006: recursed through @freeCodeCamp’s Basic Node & Express module, and started the Advanced module. I think it very plausible that I’ll have an authentication system set up before the weekend is out. This link currently goes nowhere: https://t.co/rVdwXru9TO#nonsensemod365 pic.twitter.com/3qgsi7hzDS

— Joshua Alexander (@nonsensecodes) April 19, 2020