April 20, 2020

Not a whole lot to say about my work today, except that I understand zero about authenticating using the OAuth2 protocol. Or, rather, very little. In an effort to figure out what the hell I’m doing, I came across these two resources which helped me somewhat, but I have much work to do yet: https://peach.ebu.io/technical/tutorials/tuto-oauth2-client/ and https://www.pveller.com/oauth2-with-passport-10-steps-recipe/. Furthermore, I’ve started reading Ethan Brown’s "Web Development with Node and Express" to get a better handle of routing in Express.

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Day 008: not much to say. Almost didn’t write anything at all. Wrestled with authentication. That’s gonna take me a bit.https://t.co/f6Z5UA1q5s#nonsensemod365 #thatCodingLife pic.twitter.com/vcUUY1xQJh

— Joshua Alexander (@nonsensecodes) April 21, 2020