May 3, 2020

Yesterday, I decided to leave off of creating the authentication system for my site, partially out of frustration, but mostly out of a desire to learn how to use Express.js properly. After passport.js and cleaning up my files, I found myself at a bit of an impasse: I had no idea what to pursue. There are a number of things I'd like to learn, and much of it revolves around this idea of building a content management system. However, I realize that in order to really grasp how to do things well, I need to just build shit. So I started looking up projects to build.

This, of course, led me to my age-old dilemma: every tutorial out there is stacked with dependencies. "In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to build this thing here using these 50 libraries." That's not what I'm trying to do, so that is not gonna work for me. So what next?

I looked into creating a template engine to use with Express, and that seemed easy enough. However, I eventually want to build my frontend with React, which got me thinking about how I was going to that with server-side rendering going on. This led me to look into developing Express-React apps, of which almost every resource I came across called for the create-react-app package, which, to my knowledge, is loaded with a fuck ton of additional middleware.

No thank you.

I don't want all the extra shit. I want to build a site with Node, Express, MongoDB, JavaScript, and React components. Any additional dependencies I add will be added as either absolute necessity, or because after doing something by hand, I find value in bringing in a library to handle that work, but only after I learn how to do it myself.

So, back to learning React I go.

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Day 017: this update was supposed to go up last night, but it didn’t. ANYWAY, here it is: https://t.co/tKMgPxJxx3
Methinks I’ll develop a simple template engine to ease the process of publishing these updates while I learn React. That’s what I’ll work on today.#nonsensemod365 pic.twitter.com/AGAZoFfmxC

— Joshua Alexander (@nonsensecodes) May 4, 2020