May 6, 2020

Truth be told, this should have been posted on the 4th of May, Star Wars Day, not today. However, I failed to post on that day, so here's the late past anyway.

I looked into developing a simple template engine for Express to ease my workload in posting these (mostly) daily blogs, but after doing a whole lot of reading into it, I decided against it. What I think I will do is simply change what I want to change about each page as I progress in my knowledge of HTML, CSS, and React. This whole series will be a smorgasbord of fuckery and nonsense, true to my original vision in creating this playground. The main idea is that I close in on the design I want to keep for my frontend as I approach day 365. So, some days will look wildly different than others. And the home page? Well, that may change in appearance from one day to the next, some days.

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Day 018: late update, but an update nonetheless. Tinkered with the idea of creating a template engine, but decided against it. Another update to come later today for today’s work.https://t.co/lNRa4DRQU1#nonsensemod365 #thatCodingLife pic.twitter.com/8dXQS5J0iQ

— Joshua Alexander (@nonsensecodes) May 6, 2020